Benefits of Homemade Carrot Oil for Skin and Hair Care.

Benefits of Homemade Carrot Oil for Skin and Hair Care.

For a lot of important reasons, many people now prefer homemade beauty recipes. Apart from the fact that a lot of the ingredients used in manufacturing homemade beauty products are cheap, affordable, and accessible, most of them are blessed with incredible nutrients that are at best organic to push out the inner beauty in human skin and hair without any notable side effects.

There are many recipes for homemade skin beauty and care but let us talk first of all about the carrot. Carrots belong in the league of vegetables that have been tested to contain awesome properties that can revitalize human skin and hair. Thus, it has been named among the best and maybe the most common homemade beauty recipes of wholesome significance. Carrot oil has been identified to have many surprising benefits for beauty care. Most of these benefits are however not known until recently. Below are some of the known benefits of homemade carrot cream for skin and hair beauty.

Benefits of Homemade Carrot Oil for Skin and Hair Care.


Use as skin antioxidant

There is no argument about the fact that carrot contains vitamins A, carotenoids, and powerful antioxidants. Beta carotenoid and other carotenoids contained in carrots are the real stores of its anti-oxidant properties and immune-stimulant as well as anti-aging effects. Carrot oils are rich in vitamins A, B, C and E. All these are essential nutrients for healthy skin. Furthermore, carrot oils have emollient as well as healing and protective properties. Milk, creams, or oil extracted from carrots or the essential oils gotten from this vegetable are ideal for dry skincare. However, the most important property of carrot oil is its powerful anti-oxidant characteristics which makes it suitable to promote skin healing and ensure skin protection through the process of skin regeneration. Carrot oils usually stimulate skin cells. These are the exact reasons it is usually used in many skin cream to help in skin rejuvenation.


Carrot oil as massage ingredient

Massage is one of the best treatment you can give to your skin and hair. It is therefore a plus that you can easily get homemade carrot oil and do this on your own. The fact is that carrot oil helps to improve hair and skin health. When you massage carrot oil into your skin and hair on a regular basis, you will definitely be able to tell in physicality the awesome properties it possesses. There are no complications at all with how to go about this. Just;

  • Boil half cup of carrot oil
  • Apply the oil with lukewarm into your scalp, skin, and areas you wish to use them.
  • Massage this gently in a circular direction around the surface area
  • Continue massaging for up to 20 minutes to ensure skin, scalp, and hair penetration.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap or wrap some clothes around it to ensure better absorption of the oil into surfaces. Let this stand for around 30 minutes.
  • Wash the whole skin surface and hair off or leave it overnight if you can. If you have used it on your hair, make sure to wash off with shampoo and body wash in case of skin.
  • Do this twice or more times a week


Carrot oil and cream as wrinkle smoother

A number of things have been associated with skin wrinkles. Aging is one huge part of this. Whichever way, you have a very effective product to counter skin wrinkles in carrot oil. The best thing about this is that you can actually produce your own carrot oil and cream in the comfort of your home. Carrot oil tackles skin wrinkle problems by delaying the aging process on the skin. It remarkably provides your skin with essential moisture to keep it alive. The antioxidants in carrot oil also fight free radicals in the skin. All of these combined ensure that your skin is safe from wrinkled lines while it is also prevented from damage.


Carrot oil in skin lightening activities

Benefits of Homemade Carrot Oil for Skin and Hair Care
Benefits of Homemade Carrot Oil for Skin and Hair Care


When you want to lighten or tone your skin, carrot oil has got you covered with its wonderful skin lightening properties. In this case, you might have to combine carrot oil and lemon to achieve desired objectives. What carrot oil does, in this case, is that it tightens and tones your skin while also acting as a lightening agent to improve your complexion. Try this and watch your skin improve after a few regular use of carrot oil.


You must be familiar with the fact that exposure to pollution and the sun actually darken the skin. The good news is that carrot oil removes this dark skin created by the sun and pollutions by layers. It does this by promoting new cell regeneration thereby helping your skin tome and lightening.


Carrot oil as sebum regulator

Facial skin is different from another part of the body’s skin. They are perhaps the most exposed and so they usually have the most problems. Like it prevents the body skin from a lot of issues, carrot oil does a lot for your facial skin too. It has a high tendency to regulate sebum production in your facial cells, thus reducing the secretions that cause premature aging and skin damage. Sebum is actually the natural oil produced by the skin to maintain natural skin moisture and softness. In this case, carrot oil ensures that the right secretions are in place at each time to fight the aging effect and improve skin moisturizing effects.


How to use carrot oil on the skin

Having realized how important carrot oil could be on the skin while also having the knowledge already that it can be made cheaply in your own comfort, it is ideal to tell you the few but important ways that carrot oils can be used on your skin. These are;

  • Directly on your skin via massage during the day or overnight
  • Used in a carrot shampoo bar. You can make your own carrot shampoo bar with carrot oil, milk, and honey. You can apply the shampoo before taking your bath every day. This will smoothen and moisturize your skin.
  • Used in lotion form. It is fragrant and can be applied all over the body at night just like you are applying any moisturizing lotion.


Carrot oil actually has many benefits as a homemade skincare treatment option. Endeavor to explore and choose the ones that work best for you.

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