Benefits Of Using Lemon On Your Face And Ways To Use It

Benefits of Using Aloe Vera one face

A 100-gram serving of lemon contains about 53 grams of vitamin C, which is a very skin-friendly nutrient.

Have you ever wondered what were the magical ingredients that our grandmothers used to achieve healthy, glowing skin? Ofcourse, they didn’t have too many skin care products unlike now. Instead, they relied on natural ingredients to take care of their skin.

Lemon is one such incredible natural ingredient that offers a plethora of benefits when applied to the skin. Adding lemon juice, it’s extract or essential oil to your skincare routine can brighten your complexion, fight acne, prevent skin diseases and slow down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. You can find it in different skincare products too. But is it safe to use on your face? It is important to remember that while using fruit acids on the face, moderation is the key to good skin health.

In this article, I tell you about the benefits of using lemon on your face, the side effects, and the best ways to use it.


  • Is It Good To Use Lemon On Your Face?
  • How To Use Lemon On Your Face?
  • Benefits Of Using Lemon On Your Face
  • Side Effects Of Using Lemon On Your Face
  • What To Mix With Lemon For Your Face?

Is It Good To Use Lemon On Your Face?

Lemon has a high acidic content and can be an effective solution to brighten your skin tone, lighten dark spots, treat acne, prevent premature signs of ageing, among others. It is an age-old home remedy for different skin concerns. Lemon and its extracts have been used for ages in skincare for their cleansing, detoxifying and antioxidant properties.

Did You Know?

Lemon has a bleaching effect when applied to the hair. When exposed to the sun, it can further accelerate the process. So, lemon is used as a natural hair lightening agent.

How To Use Lemon On Your Face?

Lemon works best when combined with other natural ingredients like honey, Aloe vera gel, Turmeric, sugar, and milk.

1. Lemon and Aloe Vera Cream

If glowing skin is what you’re after, then this easy-peasy homemade face pack with Aloe vera gel and lemon juice can do the trick.

Benefits of using lemon on face and ways to use it

As my acne cleared up ion my mid-20s, my very oily skin promptly transformed into combination skin. Exfoliants that once left my skin glowing, now made it dry. That’s when I decided to give this two-ingredient face cream, featuring Aloe vera gel and lemon juice, a try!

Since aloe vera gel is loaded with amino acids, it nourishes the skin and boosts collagen production. Not to mention, its high-water content ensures that your skin gets the hydration it needs. Lemon juice, on the other hand, is bursting with vitamin C which brightens the skin. Aloe Vera contains powers to boost skin cell reproduction, reduce redness, and fight skin inflammation, it is also natural treatment for stretch marks and acne marks.


  • – Lemon
  • -Aloe vera gel

Here’s is how to make this cream

Scoop out the gel from an aloe leaf and put it in a blender. To this, add the juice of one medium-sized lemon and combined the two ingredients in the mixer. Once done, transfer the liquid ( if you’re using fresh gel then it’s going to be watery ) into a container and put it in the fridge.

If you’re using a packaged variety, two tablespoons of the product should do the trick.

Here is how to apply it

Each night after cleansing your face, apply a thin layer of the mask on your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Next, wash your face gently with water and moisturise as usual.

The results?

The first morning you apply this cream, you should see a subtle glow on your face. Keep using the cream until you achieve the desired results.

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2.  Lemon and Sugar Scrub

What if there was a way to rejuvenate a dull, dry, and acne-prone face with just two simple ingredients – sugar and lemon – which you probably already have in your kitchen?

Lemon and sugar for skin benefits

For Normal Skin 

This scrub is made using the superb combination of sugar and lemon. Both sugar and lemon are replete with healthful properties. Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C, which is known to even skin tone and can also tighten open pores. On the other hand, sugar acts as a natural exfoliator, which helps in removing dead and dull skin cells from the face.


  • 6 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons Sugar


To begin with, take a bowl and add both sugar and lemon juice to it.

Mix both the ingredients and massage the mixture with your fingertips on your face in a circular motion.

The sugar granules should be massaged well on the face till they get evenly dissolved.

Once this is done, wash your face with Luke warm water.

Note: This particular face scrub would also help keep dark spots and tanned skin at bay.

For Dry skin – Coconut oil, Sugar and Lemon

Do you happen to have a dry skin type? If yes, then this face scrub is for you. Look no further and bring this three-ingredient face scrub to your rescue and say bye to dry and flaky skin. Lemon helps in softening the skin..whereas, coconut will act as a tonic and bring back the moisture to the dull skin.


  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice


Start by adding all the three ingredients in a bowl and mix them well.

Now, take this oil scrub and massage onto your face for around 8-10 minutes.

Once the scrubbing part is done, wash your face with warm water.

For Oily skin

Pimples can turn out to be quite annoying. People with oily skin type usually tend to suffer more from pimple problems. If you also  happen to be a prey of those frequent acne breakouts, then this lemon , honey and baking soda scrub is sure to come quite handy. it will deep cleanse your oily skin. Lemon acts as a natural astringent, baking soda acts as a natural cleanser and honey´s anti-bacterial properties may help reduce sebum production.


  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1/2 tablespoon baking soda


Take a bowl and add all the three ingredients to it.

After mixing them well, apply this paste-like scrub on your face using your fingers and gently massage for about 3-4 minutes.

Once this is done, wash your face using cold water.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring these lemon scrubs to your rescue and bring back that lost glow and shine on your face.

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3. Lemon and Carrot Face Spray

As we all know, carrot and lemon juice is refreshing and healthy! However, do you know about the benefits of carrot and lemon juice for skin? Keep reading.

Lemon and carrots for skin benefits

Carrot is a popular root vegetable in most cuisines across the world. It can not only be consumed raw, but it also lends itself to various culinary preparations. Carrots provide many nutritional and health benefits, which secure it a place in the list of highly recommended healthy vegetables.

Nutritional value of carrot juice

  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Sugars
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin A, B complex, C, E, K
  • Minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, zinc, and manganese.
  • Its colour comes from carotenoids present in it, which are potent antioxidants.

Minerals and antioxidants in carrot juice nourish your skin, lighten the tone, and prevent skin cells oxidation. Carrots function as diuretics and also contain fibre and water that detoxify your body. Detoxification of your body makes your skin glow.

Beta-carotene and carotenoids contained in carrots protect the skin UVA rays and also remove sun tan.

To Make 

Mix carrot juice and lemon juice plus rose water in equal parts and fill the mixture in a spray bottle.

To Use

Spray on face and body to keep the skin hydrated and help it brave the scorching rays of the sun.

Benefits Of Using Lemon On Your Face

Lemon has various therapeutic properties owing to its rich content of antioxidant phytochemicals and vitamin C. Adding lemon juice, its extract or essential oil to your skincare routine can brighten your complexion, fight acne, prevent skin diseases and slow down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Lemon has certain properties that make it a wonderful ingredient in your skin care. They are:

1.Boost collagen production: Lemon is rich in Vitamin C that works wonders to prevent premature ageing and limit skin damage. It also boosts collagen production that makes the skin look younger.

2. Natural astringent: Lemon is a natural astringent. The presence of high pH levels in lemon juice helps lessen oil on your

 skin and helps in reducing inflammation.

3. Antifungal: lemon juice has anti fungal properties that helps to treat fungal infection like Candida fungal rashes.

 4: Skin Lightening agent: Lemon juice is rich in acids, primarily citric acid, lesser amounts of magic acid, and ascorbic acid,

 commonly known as Vitamin C. Due to the acid content in lemon, it has excellent skin lightening properties. Also, it is

 effective to reduce age spots and dark spots.

5: Helps to get rid of acne: Lemon is a natural cure for blemishes. The presence of high concentration of Vitamin C helps

cure acne. The drying effect of citric acid and its antiseptic properties kill bacteria causing acne bursts Lemon – derived

products are thus highly recommended for acne – prone skin.

Side Effects Of Using Lemon On Your Face

It’s just lemon juice. What’s the worst that could happen?

Glad you asked. The most common reaction to using lemon juice is skin irritation. It could be mild, but it ” can cause severe irritation, especially for those that have sensitive skin,” warns Green.

Other common symptoms include:

  • redness
  • dryness
  • peeling

That’s not even the the worst of it.

Here are the two scariest complication:


Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Mix citrus juice with sunlight, and you could end up with margarita burn – officially known as phytophotodermatitis.

So, that’s what can happen if you get citrus juice on your skin when you’re in the sun. It’s called margarita burn because you can get it from drinking margaritas ( or beer with lime wedges) on the beach.

You can also get it simply from squeezing a lemon into your water while sitting on a patio – though that’s less likely to happen.

“Citrus substances can cause an inflammation/allergic reaction when exposed to UV rays, ” says Green. “There is also the risk of developing sunburn with lemon juice – this can happen if you apply lemon right before going outside into the sun.”

Chemical Leukoderma

While lemons are widely used for skin lightening, there are reports of it causing hypopigmentation or leukoderma in certain people. This can lead to your skin losing its natural colour in the affected areas and the appearance white or discolored spots own the face.

Aroma Talks TipsDiluting lemon juice might reduce your risk. Diluted lemon juice is always a safer method of applying lemon on the face for all skin types. Lemon can prove too be quite harsh, especially for dry and sensitive skin. Directly rubbing lemon on the face may also cause skin irritations and redness.

Leaving lemon on the face overnight is not advisable. The strong acidic nature of lemon can not only cause skin irritation, but if left over night, it may increase the potential risk of developing hypopigmented patches on the skin.

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